Superb Packaging

Welcome to Superb Packaging cc

your preferred partner in packaging, and supplier of hygiene, stationery and food products

Who we are

We manufacture corrugated cartons and distribute an extensive range of packaging material that includes packaging tapes, plastic bags, tubing and sheeting, brown wrapping paper, airwrap and Air-O-Thene, to mention but a few.


We can custom design and manufacture printed corrugated cartons to the specific requirements of individual clients.


Established in 1995, SUPERB PACKAGING, utilizes the latest packaging manufacturing technology and equipment on the market.


We have experienced packaging machine operators and a quality management system developed over the 20 years of our existence. This infrastructure enables us with the production capacity to deliver large orders in time, as well as, with the flexibility to fulfil small and fast assignments.


We have established an excellent supply chain of leading South African packaging manufacturers, that empowers us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of packaging and wrapping products, at the best prices. We can ensure continuity in the supply of any particular product and product line.

Who we cater for

SUPERB PACKAGING provides packaging solutions to all commercial and industrial economic sectors including:


Packaging wholesalers who make use of our customised corrugated cartons and excellent one stop supply chain of packaging products.

Large transport enterprises who need functional packaging materials.

Retail outlets who require a diversity of packaging materials & wraps.

Hardware & construction stores who seek robust packaging materials.

Food, hospitality & vacuum packaging enterprises.

The large domestic market of private individuals and all enterprises with packaging requirements.

Product Gallery

What our services include



Angle Board

Brown Paper

Cable & Wire Ties

Cardboard Cores


Corrugated Cartons


Food Packaging

Labels and Tags


Pallet wrap

Plastic Bags, Tubing & Sheeting



Single Face Corrugated Sheeting



Strapping Machines & Seals



Twines and Strings

Wooden Pallets

Customisation & Supply


Over the 20 years of our existence SUPERB PACKAGING has established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of corrugated cartons.


We can custom design and manufacture cartons to the specific requirements of each individual client.


Similarly we have gained prestige as a reliable supplier of a comprehensive range of packaging products.


Our excellent supply chain of South African packaging business has enabled Superb Packaging to offer professional advice to clients on the best packaging and wrapping industry you may require, and to ensure continuity in all product lines.

Delivery Terms

We offer regular daily delivery services in Gauteng to the client’s front door.


We also perform monthly deliveries in other provinces.

Need Advice

Our know-how and experience in the packaging business have enabled SUPERB PACKAGING to offer expert professional advice to clients on best packaging and wrapping methods, products and prices.